AMIR opens office at CCFI

On March 10, a space for the Association of Indigenous Migrants Roraimö (AMIR) was inaugurated within the Indigenous Cultural and TrainingCentre (CCFI), as the first manifestation of the agreement signed in October2022 between AMIR and the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation(FFHI).

Milly, a representative of AMIR, highlighted the importance of the agreement for the indigenous peoples, since: “It will open the doors to the Pemón people and other peoples who are here. These are opportunities that we must know how to take advantage of, because they have a lot of potential.”

About the opened container office, MILLY expresses her joy because “It was always our goal, we had proposed it as partners of FIHF. The inauguration of the bureau is a step forward because of what it means to have a space to serve AMIR beneficiaries, and the brothers and sisters who arrive will have a space where they can feel at home, and where we can offer them a helping hand.

“Our dreams and projects, such as ‘Music without Borders’ transforming lives, teaching children and young people to develop their talents, is already underway. We are also going to offer courses on entrepreneurship, training with various job opportunities and with professionals who will lead them to find lasting solutions,” adds Milly.

The agreement establishes that the two organizations will act jointly for the implementation and operation of the Music School of the “Music without Borders” Orchestra, in the Indigenous Cultural andTraining Centre (CCFI) as well as in the articulation and support for the development of the AMIR’s agroecology project in the indigenous communities of Taurepang in the municipality of Pacaraima.

In this regard, Ovelio, as a member of the Agroecology, Vegetable Garden and Food Security project tells us: “Together, we can improve care for our beneficiaries, organize more work and offer courses such as bakery, IT, family economics, etc., as well as assist the brothers who come in search of medical attention, to inform them and accompany them to the Boa Vista hospital.

Friar Thomas, as assistant of the regional coordination, expresses the importance of sharing with AMIR a space that will allow for more adequate and precise interactions, since the proximity will allow a channel of dialogue and joint elaboration, which is part of the proposal of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF). “The fact of occupying the same space will enhance the integration and direct participation of AMIR in all the activities carried out together and will develop greater synergy,” he says.

For her part, Sister Maria Raquel, who is the regional coordinator of the Roraima Humanitarian Mission, says: “In accordance with the General Management of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) and the Command of the Humanitarian Logistics Task Force in Boa Vista, we are currently expanding the alliance with the AMIR in the provision of a space within the headquarters of the CCFI. In this way, AMIR will have new possibilities to develop institutional, operational and social relations, a more centralized access and permanent contact with other ethnic groups that also use the CCFI as an intercultural and social integration reference.”

To enhance autonomy, citizen insertion and the generation of sustainable and creative opportunities, some projects under development will continue in 2023 and other initiatives will be launched.