Diary of Humanitarian Roraima Mission – Feb 16

Thursday, Feb 16

Meeting of the coordinator of the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant with the Venezuelan non-Immigrant refugees about the issue of standards of behavior needed for the maintenance of harmony and peace in the Center.

Twelve medical services in the morning.

Raising of donations at supermarkets in the city of Boa Vista. In the fair of the Producer fruits and greens were collected.

Two people went to the CRI and donated bananas and vegetables.

Deep cleaning work was done in the kitchen and toilets of the CRI.

ABIN (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) agente made a personal donation of hygiene and cleaning materials. The missionaries separated the material in kits and distributed it to the refugees in the CRI.

The Missionaries made the donation of mosquito nets to the Casai (House of the Indigenous person) and for the Association Angels of Light, which takes care of children and adults bearers of deficiency.

Anthropology Teacher of the UFRR (Federal University of Roraima) gathered with the Indigenous refugees in the CRI and invited those who want to live on agriculture, to go live in the Indigenous lands Raposa Serra do Sol (Fox Sun Ridge), in the state of Roraima. Tomorrow, a Macuxi representative, of the Indigenous reserve, will talk with the refugees.

A Pastor of the Universal Church offered a dinner in the CRI. Beforehand, a group prayer was said and the refugees were invited to go to the cult on Sunday.