Livelihoods and

Lasting Solutions

The Livelihoods and Lasting Solutions Intervention Sector was created by theFraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) to promote actions that help in the integration of the immigrant and refugee Venezuelan population in Brazil, generating autonomy for those families.

The financial livelihood of these people requires a lasting response, not just an  emergency one, and one that  shows ways for them to  discover opportunities to rebuild their lives.

During 2020, the first Livelihoods projects began, which went beyond just the indigenous handicrafts, that had been encouraged since the beginning of the RoraimaHumanitarian Mission. In the second semester of that year, results began to appear. Courses were offered to indigenous and non-indigenous people, besides the training on Livelihoods offered in the shelters. These first trainings were the seed of the Livelihoods and Lasting Solutions Intervention Sector.


  • To ensure a continuity in the development of people to achieve a lasting solution where they no longer need assistance and specific protection.
  • Implement actions to strengthen and improve the livelihoods which provide people, social organizations and communities with the necessary conditions for self-sufficiency.
  • Promote the resilience for transforming crises into possibilities and opportunities for growth.
  • Fostering community participation through workshops where people become qualified and can duplicate what they learned.
  • Work toward autonomy and social emancipation through stimulating entrepreneurship, cooperatives and associateships.
  • Ensure access to professional courses which will generate an aptitude for finding employment and insertion into the job market.
  • Establish partnerships with public and private authorities, local and international institutions for offering services.
  • Facilitate access to teaching programs for youths and adults.

Our Activities

The Indigenous Cultural and Training Center (ICTC) takes care of the indigenous Venezuelan population, and Brazilian and Guiana communities, aiming for an integration and peaceful coexistence among these peoples.

Centro Cultural e de Formação Indígena (CCFI)

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