Dia Internacional da Caridade - Missão Roraima Humanitária

International Day of Charity

The International Day of Charity, which is being celebrated today, the 5th of September, invites us to a practice: “prepare our heart to serve a fellow being.” This

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I Encontro de Intercâmbio de Saberes

1st Knowledge Exchange Meeting

More than 150 people, including children, young people and adults participated in the 1st Knowledge Exchange Meeting at the Janokoida Shelter in Pacaraima, Roraima, held by the Fraternity – International Humanitarian

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Oficina para Jovens

Our Look

The vision of the world, the dreams, desires, and expectations of the young Venezuelan indigenous refugees are demonstrated in these self-made images. The video was made during an

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Momentos Fraternos - Lazaro

Fraternal Moments – Lázaro

Above any technical qualification, love must be the driving force that fosters all actions, all tasks, in any profession. And it is that force that moves Lázaro, an

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A Força de Servir

The Strength to Serve

In this video, three young girls tell us about their experiences, challenges, and joys of serving others in the shelters that welcome Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the

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