Meios de Vida


Leaving everything behind, to begin a new life in a different country, with another language and other customs, generates uncertainty and anguishes which all immigrants and refugees go

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Valores da Vida

Life Values – The artisanship

While interlacing the Buriti fibers, the indigenous craftswomen sing the stories, tales and legends of the Warao people. They recall the time when they lived on the banks

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One heart

A heart to love and serve, this is what a true awakening is capable of bringing about. Here we have sincere testimonies that transmit the awakening of young

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The same youth

Four young people, four different realities. Hope is what they all have in common. This video contains the testimony of the refugees and the volunteer missionaries of the Fraternity

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Jornada de Saúde no abrigo indígena em Pintolândia

Comprehensive Health Sessions

In an integrated initiative of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF),  humanitarian agencies: UNFPA, PAHO, ADRA, Doctors without Borders, Pirilampos Institute, and the Brazilian Army, about 500 refugees of the Indigenous Warao and E’ñepa

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Esportes nos abrigos indígenas

Sports and Life

Recognized as a human right, sports encourages integrative, creative, and humanizing practices, playing a fundamental role in the shelters of Roraima, under the management of the Fraternity – International

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