Bandeira BrasilData: Since October 2013
Place: Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The mission began as a short-term one in 2013 and became permanent in 2017.The humanitarian workers at Carmo da Cachoeira – MG, provided selfless service to the local population and vicinities in a situation of social vulnerability.

It was also an axis of reception and training that formed new humanitarian workers who approached this work through the Humanitarian Bootcamp Capacity Building started in 2015. Many of those who were trained are now humanitarian workers, thus generating a contingent of around 600 collaborators. This work also contributed to the development of humanitarian response in the missions carried out the Fraternity – Humanitarian (FFHI) and by the Fraternity – Humanitarian Missions (FIHM).

Due to its social character, since 2020, the activitity has been in charge of the Hill Light House, an affiliate of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).


  • Receiving and distribution of different types fodonations (food, clothing, medicines, and so on.) to the population in vulnerable situation of Carmo da Cachoeira as well as to hospitals, asylums and kindengartens.
  • Workshops for machine or hand sewing and handicraft. 
  • Restoration and painting of rooms and areas in houses.
  • Helping abandoned animals. Castration and adoption of animals.
  • Visits and assistance to hospitals, asylums and schools, geriatric residences, associations like Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, rehabilitation homes for chemical addicts and kindergartens.
  • Home visits to take care of physical and mental health cases, conflict mediation, identification of needs which could have been addressed with the humanitarian bootcamps.
  • Support to family gardens.
  • Manufacturing of bricks with the goal to teach families to build walls and small rooms.
  • Collection and distribution of school supplies at the beginning of the school year to children from the assisted families. Recreational activities.
  • Manufacturing of about 1,000 vegan dog biscuits per month.