Since 2011, 24 Humanitarian Missions have been carried out in 17 countries. Currently, the Roraima Mission remains active, and other missions will continue to take place to meet the global humanitarian agenda wherever the presence of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) becomes necessary.
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  • Todas
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Turkey Mission
Missão Polônia Humanitária
Roraima Mission
Bahia Mission
Transit Lodging in Manaus (ATM)
Lebanon Mission
Brumadinho Mission
Colombia Mission
Egypt Mission
Argentina Mission
Zona da Mata Humanitarian Mission
Chile Mission
Greece Mission
Paraguay Mission
Uruguay Mission
Chaco Mission
Midle East Humanitarian Mission
Mariana Mission
Congo DR Mission
Rwanda Mission
Uganda Mission
Mission Sertão
Carmo Mission
Kenya Mission
Ethiopia Mission
Nicaragua Mission
Nepal Mission