Bandeira BrasilDate: since September of 2019
Place: Manaus, Amazonas

The Transit Lodging in Manaus (ATM) is a temporary shelter, part of the internalization process created by the Acolhida Operation. It began as a extention of the work done by the Humanitarian Roraima Mission. And aims to welcome and assist Venezuelan imigrants and refugees that arrive from Boa Vista, Pacaraima, and even Manaus, to embark on flights to other Brazilian states.

Developed by the Acolhida Operations, UN agencies and partners of the Plan for Internalization, the ATM is a governmental strategy to promote the socioeconomic insertion of these Venezuelan imigrants and refugees that wish to travel to other Brazilian states seeking new life opportunities.


  • Management of the Transit Lodging in Manaus (ATM) in partinership with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
  • Suport in the matters of feeding, basic health, sheltering, conflict management and protection services.
  • Organization of the cleaning committee, for the maintenance of the physical structure, and of the kitchen committee, for the preparation of the food.
  • Development of activities on educational art in emergencies, adapted to the children’s permanence period at the ATM.
  • Conversation groups, informative lectures, and screening of videos and movies.