Misión ArgentinaDate: Since January 2016
Place: Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina

This mission gave start to more effective actions with Indigenous populations of Latin America, which are mainly marginalized and face extreme poverty. The focus of the humanitarian workers were the Qom and Wichi ethnic communities, in the city of Resistência, capital of the Argentinian province of Chaco.

Ever since, the works with these communities have been done every three months; a recurring action, made possible by the Chaco Light-Network support and by the Light-Networks of other regions of Argentina as well as by the support of the Brazil Light-Network.


  • Reconstruction of a communal space, used as a meeting center and as a shelter.
  • Needs assessment of many communities in the region and elaboration of a trimestrial help and assistance plan.
  • Medical, odontological, and veterinary care.
  • Delivery of medicines, clothes, toys and emergency food donations to supply nutritional deficiencies.
  • Implementation of a community garden in some of the communities  to promote sustainability.
  • Playful, artistic and musical activities for children and adolescents, valuing of the Qom and Wichi cultures.
  • Hairdresser services.
  • Weaving workshop.
  • Home visits and monitoring of the elderly or sick that require special assistance.
  • Grupal lunch preparation on days of activities.