Angola Mission

Date: July 2022
Place: Luanda, Angola

The focus of this mission was to help the Obra de Caridade da Criança Santa Isabel – OCSI (Saint Isabel Children’s Charity Work). The activities carried out by the humanitarian aid volunteers included various participants that were already fulfilling a role in the local humanitarian response. Among those activities are: maintenance of spaces, handicraft workshops, artistic and recreational activities, and programs of education, prevention and promotion of health.


  • Workshops: Multi-mixture, Mosaics, Art-Education.

  • Maintenance and revitalization of spaces.

  • Educational activities for promoting personal hygiene and health.


Learn about some milestones of the performance in the Angola Mission


Throughout the humanitarian mission, through selfless service for the common good, the humanitarian workers were able to strengthen the bonds with Work of Charity of the Child Saint Elizabeth (WCSE), and the work is still active up to this day. Due to the pandemic, the formation meetings with new residents and former members of the WCSE are being held online.