Bandeira BrasilDate: November 2014
Place: Palmeira dos Índios, Alagoas, Brazil.

It was a recurrent action in the Northeast region of Brazil, which the objective was to bring humanitarian assistance to the neediest communities.

It assisted indigenous communities of the Pataxó and Cariri ethnic groups, as well as quilombola (afro-descendent) and sertaneja (hinterland) communities in the state of Alagoas.

This region is heavily affected by drought, poverty and, occasionally, floods from excessive rainfall in other states, which leave many families homeless.


  • Assistance provided in prevention and in the promotion of health by doctors, dentists and therapists. All herbal medicines were donated.
  • Workshops on fruit and vegetable dehydration, preparation of enriched flour as well as external therapies were all provided.  There was also the preparation of a booklet on living pharmacy, with the use of local medicinal herbs.
  • Assistance to other Kingdoms of Nature, which included: assistance and use of vermifuges in domestic animals; analysis and guidance on filtering and purification of water, using mandacaru and moringa seeds; and also guidance for the preparation of vegetable gardens using the principles of agroforestry, as droughts are almost constant in the region.
  • Recreational activities with children and young people, which included: building toys, storytelling, singing, drawing, painting and conversation circles.