Paraguay Mission

Paraguay MissionDate: From June 2016
Place: Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Indigenous peoples has been the main objective of this recurrent action. After an evaluation of the situation of the Indigenous communities of Paraguay, the attention of the volunteer missionaries of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) focused on seven Indigenous communities of the Mbya-Guarani and Ava-Guarani ethnicities, which face a situation of extreme poverty and vulnerability, due to the lack of land of their own, and whose members make a living by working in the garbage dump in Ciudad del Este.

From June 2016 on, the continuity of this humanitarian action was assumed by the Paraguay Light-Network.


  • Donation of clothes and other items.
  • Dental services.
  • Medical services and distribution of medicines.
  • Playful activities with children.
  • Preventive care for the hair, to avoid diseases (hair washing, haircut and hairdress).
  • Nail trimming.
  • Preparation of lunch shared with the community. Distribution of medicines and medical assistance, mainly due to breathing diseases and skin diseases, caused by work in the city garbage dump, and due to the lack of hygiene in general.
  • Distribution of hygiene kits, dental, oral health and educational assistance
  • Cleaning and organizing the lodgings, maintenance of houses and rebuilding of the prayer space.
  • Building covers for water wells, as a prevention against transmissible diseases.
  • Conducting a workshop to build a solar stove.
  • Donation of groceries, blankets and educational material.
  • Distribution of food.