Middle-East MissionDate: January and February 2016
Place: Cities of Ankara, Gaziantep, Adana, Nidge, Mugla, Izmir and Istanbul – Turkey

For more than 40 days, humanitarian staff of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) worked in cooperation with the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM), in the principal cities of the migratory route that goes through Turkey. By this route, thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and other countries seek access mainly to Europa.

The humanitarian workers had contact with hundreds of refugees and were able to provide comfort to human beings often affected by pain and the violence.


  • Medical assistance, prevention and dental care for refugees.
  • Promoting oral health for children through a play-education theater.
  • Recreational and occupational activities with adults.
  • Handicraft workshops and artistic painting with immigrant families.
  • Visit to the facilities of a group of volunteer divers that are active in the rescue of shipwrecked refugees.
  • Painting of murals with inspiring drawings of peace and hope, done together with the refugees in the head office of ASAM, in Ankara.