Greece Mission- Missionaries seek to sow love for the refugees

The missionaries of Greece Mission, an action coordinated by the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation – are developing their tasks fully aware that the most important thing is to put the heart in each service, no matter how little it is, so that the energies of love and fraternity may alleviate the suffering of the refugees in the Greek country.

“The few moments that we can share with them are simple experiences, but which allow to reach true and sincere contacts, always with a spirit of compassion, of fraternity, of love, for these brothers and sisters who seek a new life”, highlights Imer, a missionary of the Greece Mission.

Queue of refugees in front of the asylum office

The missionary reports that so far he has had the opportunity of meeting refugees from countries such as Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, as well as Asian countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Philippines and India. Many were contacted during visits to camps of detention of illegal refugees extant in several cities of Greece and others, the refugees with up-to-date documents, were contacted during meals and distribution of closes as donation. In every case, the missionaries of the Fraternidade support tasks offered by the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, as well as by the Catholic organization Caritas Hellas.

Distribution of clothes on the streets of Athens

“Each mission always involves something that goes beyond the tasks. In a mere act of handing clothes, a coat, for example, if someone manages to do it with a lot of love, a lot of peace, a lot of gratitude, this builds another vibration, because it is not remaining in an external act, in the mere ‘assistentialism’”, said Rosineide Freitas, another missionary of the Greece Mission.

“A matter that we always propose ourselves is our attitude, which must always be very internalized and we know that we must minimize as much as possible our personality so that this surrender may be truer, deeper,  more real and useful for those who undergo great needs”, reflects Teresa, a member of Greece Mission, too.

Refectory of the Missionaries of Charity

“When we talk with some refugees, we notice that they do not want to live again situations of pain they have experienced. They prefer to talk about their hopes, about the future. All of them come from countries with complicated political situations, situations of war, of misery”, continues Rosineide. “A man from Cameroon drew my attention”, reflected the missionary. “I asked him about his current aspirations and he answered me: I pray to God every day for Him to give me light, so that I can see His plan for my life, because He brought me here, I managed to free from everything I lived in my country thanks to Him, so He has a plan for me, as well as for all the friends that came with me”.

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