Greece Mission – The Fraternidade obtains official registry in the country

Saturday, 1 thru Monday, 10

Concluded the register of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, in Greece, which is officially constituted in the country from now on.

The group continued with the activities in the two houses that the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta maintain in the city of Athens. In one of the houses a work is done with the refugee children that stay there with their mothers, until they are referred to another place. In another house, the  missionaries of the Fraternidade support the activities of the daily offering of meals served in the morning and at lunch, and also collaborate in the distribution of other kinds of donations, such as clothes and others.

On Monday, 10, the group helped in the distribution of meals in a prison for refugees in Athens. During the day, 400 meals were fixed, which were distributed at the end of the day. The activity had the collaboration of other volunteers of different nationalities, connected to the Missionaries of Charity.

The group continues with the support to the distribution of donations to the needy refugees and Greeks in the Institution Caritas Hellas, and also to the distribution of food made by the orthodox church near the base of the missionaries of the Fraternidade.