Hermanos, Brazil in the humanitarian response to the Venezuelan Crisis

Since 2015, more than 5 million men, women and children have left Venezuela, according to data of UN agencies. The documentary Hermanos, o Brasil na resposta humanitária à crise venezuelana is an account of the trajectory of these migrants and refugees, the difficulties faced until they arrive in Brazil, the challenges of living in shelters and the hope of rebuilding their lives in the countr

This plural narrative also features the view of those who welcomed these people, and the consolidation of the Operation Welcome; a great humanitarian taskforce that gathers different organizations to respond to one of the most severe displacement crises in the world.

Hermanos, Brazil in the humanitarian response to the Venezuelan crisis was produced by theFraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), the first organization that arrived in the region in 2016 for an emergency mission, which in the face of the continuous demand has become a permanent mission.

Première of the documentary: April 7

Check the teaser of the documentary.

*Hermanos: Brothers and Sisters

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