Missionary Youth for Peace and Light-Network together in the Chaco Mission

“The Chaco is like the school of my life”, summarized Silvia García. An 11th Chaco Mission occurred between March 30 and April 1 of 2019.

On arriving at the city of Resistencia, capital of the province of the Chaco (Argentina), on March 30, the work groups were organized. The donations taken there for the community were organized: shoes, clothing, food, and school materials for the children.

“All the times that I cooked, it was a learning experience and a service to the Plan of God,” commented Candida Cabrera. The meals prepared during the mission were fraternally shared with the community. Mariluz Fernandez, who also cooked, recapped: “What I feel is that humanity is only interested in love, and for this reason, we are happy to do this, a small act, but a real one.”

Intensive Work

On March 30, the missionaries went to the first community, Cacique Pelayo. A communal space of the neighborhood had been abandoned. Dirt, clutter, many insects, bat feces and urine. A deep cleaning was carried out in the place, with music of Saint Joseph playing in the background.

The team in charge of the animal kingdom attended to more than 300 animals (between dogs and cats) throughout the whole mission. Vaccination, worming, baths, and general care.

Inner child

On the last day, the mission was active in a neighborhood on the outskirts called Mapic, a region with a fragile sanitation structure. There is no network of drainage systems. The waste flows out in the open, crossing the roadways and streets.

The presence of children was striking. Haircuts and hair washing were carried out. The whole period included recreational activities, entertainments, handicrafts, and the teaching of painting techniques for the children. Everyone loved the  puppet theater. “Seeing the children filled me with hope. For going beyond suffering, I believe they have something wholesome, and that our task is to take care of that,” revealed Silvana Guerrero.

Viviana Walsh, who did the photographic recording, says that the “inner child” of the participants was rescued. Inwardly, she perceived a great joy because of serving the indigenous consciousness, the original peoples.

Occult chemistry

Elsi Viera testified: “This time I took up the mission like a mirror. A mirror that was in front of me, showing my situations and those of humanity itself. So much material, mental, psychological, and moral misery! What is it showing about me myself? What do I have to work on?”

Marcos Renaldo expressed that “it is a building that we do between us all. Each one brings something and gives generously of themselves for the mission, making an offering to the Highest. This generates an ‘occult chemistry’ and things happen. It is a school of surrender and of faith.”

“After 10 missions, I feel that the Chaco Mission and the group of missionaries are in a different place,” says Chabela Anderson.

Blanca Marin declared in her statement: “I wanted to recapture a moment of silence that we had in the Combi. A minute of silence, of group intimacy. God knows the transformation that happened in each one in that experience. I thank God and everyone.”

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