Diary of Humanitarian Roraima Mission – Jan 24

Tuesday, January 24

In the morning, the missionaries organized a meeting with the refugees, to discuss the problem of the use of alcohol and drugs in the place.

Activities of making of origamis with the children.

Children also helped in the organization of a toy-place, with the toys received as donations.

“It is very beautiful to see how the children are organizing the toys. They clean and store them themselves”, said Clara, a missionary of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

The missionaries conducted several services of attendance to parents who asked for advice to  take care of their children, especially concerning the problem of drugs.

Several institutions of the city, State and Federal government were present in the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant.

A team of the city Civil Defense presented itself to the group, and communicated that they will be 24/7 present in the place. Then the missionaries conducted a meeting to introduce them to the refugees.

A representative of the Secretariat of State of Work and Social Welfare of Roraima (Setrabes) also was present in the CRI. The institution will possibly be responsible for providing lunch and dinner to the refugees. The representative took with her a list with the needs of food.

The CRI also received the visit of two federal highway policemen that went to the place to get to know the place and to learn how they can collaborate.

“It has been a day of intense meetings today and we also received these organs of the government and articulated the transmission of the activities that will be under their responsibility in the CRI”, concluded Clara.