Diary of Humanitarian Roraima Mission – Jan 9

Monday, January 9

Early in the morning, at 7, the team of missionaries go to the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant, in the city of Boa Vista. Two missionaries accompanied a little boy to the orthopedic sector of the Hospital da Criança (Children’s Hospital). The child is two years old, has had his femur fractured, and it is in plaster.

Other missionaries conducted a meeting with all the men and women who are in the CRI.

Still in the morning, there was a quarrel between two refugees from Venezuela who are staying in the CRI, the police was called and they were removed from the place.

A small female dog that was coming near the CRI, very much wounded and skinny, was treated. An approach was made, food was given and medication was applied.

“I was a great joy for the team because we are very aware of the Indigenous Consciousness. We feel very integrated with nature, with each Kingdom and I think this has been a great learning for us, this practice of unity with all and everyone”, said Denise Gomez, a missionary of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

In the afternoon, a team of the social service of the General Hospital of Roraima went to the CRI to accompany the family of a 12-year-old patient who has been hospitalized there with tuberculosis for about three weeks. It will also be determined if more people of the group may have acquired the disease.

There was a visit of a group of the Federal Public Ministry composed by anthropologists and a delegate, which will probably spend some days accompanying the work in the CRI.

In the end of the day, in the Nucleus-of-Light of Figueira in Roraima, prayer for Venezuela was done, as well as dinner and a meeting of a team of missionaries, where the basis for a general organization of the work was established. This general organization will be implemented through the division of tasks in teams (general coordination, reception, lodging, kitchen and food, health, external area and transportation, and team of raising of donations).