Diary of Humanitarian Roraima Mission – Nov 28

Monday, November 28

The Missionaries visited the place where the Center of Reference to the Migrant, in the city of Boa Vista, will assist the refugees from Venezuela. They accompanied the facilities of the place, the organization of the tables for attendance, chairs, chemical toilets and the arrival of a truck prepared for medical assistance, with three medical offices, hammocks and toilets.

“When we arrived at the place we had the impression it was rather desolate, but as the things arrived and we worked, we felt the place transformed into a beautiful place”, said Márcia, a collaborator of the mission.

Meeting with the Fire Brigade and the Civil Defense about the structure of the place.

Contact with several public organs that take care of the health area and social assistance. The Missionaries passed to these organs the current basic needs of the center.

Medical team of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, calculated numbers about the needs of the health area, including the list of medicines necessary for the continuity of the assistance.

In the afternoon, the missionaries went to the bus station and to the Fair of the “Passarão” (Big Bird, in Portuguese), and invited the refugees to be in the Center of Reference to the Migrant already as of next Tuesday.

We are very enthusiastic about tomorrow and awaiting for this result, of attaining the objective of concentrating all this logistics of social assistance in a single place”, said Clara, a Missionary of the Fraternidade.

Meeting with the representatives of groups of volunteers of civil society, who are working in the distribution of food to the Venezuelan migrants in the city of Boa Vista.