Egypt Mission: deepening cooperation

Egypt Mission, Inner Path

Missão pela PazEgypt Mission concentrates its activities in the city of Cairo, mainly in two neighborhoods called Mukatan and As Subra. The missionary task in Northern Africa is expected until the 24th of this month of June.

On June 21, the missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, followed the rhythm of the day of the Sisters of Charity, who in all of her houses and in all countries in the world dedicate the Thursdays for more internal activities of their community.

Thus, the group of Missionaries of Fraternidade also had a rhythm of greater retreat and inner attunement. They also participated in the broadcast via internet of the Pilgrimage of Peace in Europe.


Day by day

Missão Egito - atividades na crecheIn the previous days, the activities concentrated in the House of help for the children, a nursery in the outskirsts of the city, and in the Home for the Elderly. Both activities began in the first days of the Mission and have had continuity day by day.

In some days, the female group went to one or the other house, and in other days the groups mixed for both tasks.

Maintenance and repair

Missão Egito - atividades no asiloOn the previous day (June 20), the maintenance tasks, with repair and painting of some beds in the home for the elderly began in the morning and closed in the afternoon.

The activities in the Home began early in the morning of June 15, as the first task of the Mission. In this home live elderly people of low income, and various activities are being kept throughout the days. Follow more in detail the previous reports.

Inner shelter and bonds of trust

Co-existence, shared tasks, feeding, prayers, service and the aspiration for a Greater Good established and perfected, little by little, the bonds of trust between Missionaries of Fraternidade and Sisters of Charity. Thus, the doors remain open, the task deepens, the offering to serve in what is necessary makes it possible to manifest, in the little that we attain, a little relief and peace.

Follow tomorrow the next report of Egypt Mission, collaborate and share this Mission for Peace. A Mission that is also yours.

Missão Egito - Atividades na creche