Fraternity in the Transit Accommodations of Manaus

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The growing number of Venezuelans arriving and settling in the city of Pacaraima, in Roraima, represents a challenge that the local health, education, and safety services are unable to cope with. Welcoming Venezuelan refugees is one thing, but responding to all their basic needs is an almost impossible task for this small city on the border with Venezuela. For this reason, the Acolhida (Welcome) Operation created an Interiorization process through which refugees are sent on to other States in Brazil, so that they can continue their lives under better conditions.

To support this process, a TAM, Transit Accommodation of Manaus, was created, with a structure to receive refugees coming from Pacaraima and other places, including Manaus, who are in the process of Interiorization. It is a space prepared to welcome them while they wait for a connection to their destination. The Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation is the organization responsible for managing this place.

The Fraternidade – Humanitarian (FIHF) has been recognized for its ability to deal with people: welcoming them, listening and finding solutions together with them. For this reason, it was chosen to manage this receiving center. There, the representatives of the Fraternidade – Humanitarian (FIHF) have art activities and loving relationships with the children, they talk with the adults and help them to work out their natural anxiety about their situation, because many times they do not know where they will go nor what their life will be like in those unknown places.

There are individual and collective consultations, workshops, conversation circles, activities that prepare for the Interiorization, transmitting security to the refugees, informing them about access to the network of services and protection at their destination. The members of the Fraternidade – Humanitarian (FIHF) try to help them with all their needs, and through this care, transmit the warm welcome of all Brazilians.