Frequently Asked Questions

Those who wish to join the Group of humanitarian staff of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) should write to

New employees are firstly registered, then an approximation is scheduled by phone or videoconference, after which, the possibilities of participation in an event or activity are evaluated.

Humanitarian Training is usually based on the Humanitarian Bootcamp Capacity Building, training and possibly involve preparatory activities in Carmo da Cachoeira (the Mission’s headquarters) and in other places of training, such as Argentina and Uruguay, so that the new employee can move on to larger missions, such as in Roraima or Colombia. We emphasize that, while the pandemic imposes traveling restrictions, training and preparatory activities have been suspended both in our headquarters—in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, Brazil—and in Argentina and Uruguay.

The main function of the humanitarian Activity is to disseminate love through action. Any individual over the age of 18 may apply to participate in the activities, provided that he or she is willing to give and collaborate. There is no age limit, however, depending on the nature of the humanitarian or emergency response, something balanced will be accordingly designated to each person’s current conditions.

Preparation occurs daily while the individual goes through the Humanitarian Bootcamp Capacity Building and participate in specific training activities proposed by the institution (for example, the modules of Humanitarian Training and Formation with the Sphere Manual).

“For the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM), much more important than the academic training of its collaborators is to offer the opportunity for them to practice such principles as fraternity, unity of purpose, service to the realms of nature, donation, austerity, transparency, ethics, legality, obedience, promptness, humbleness, and selflessness…”

To read a little more about some of the principles that permeate the work, go here.

Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) is a non-profit institution that aims at humanitarian and selfless service. It is maintained by donations.

Employees who enroll in humanitarian activities stay in the Light-Community of Figueira. The hosting system with meals is free of charge. Most produce are grown in the community organically and with pure seeds, without genetic manipulation of any kind. Thus, it is necessary that residents, employees and visitors assist in tasks such as cleaning spaces, in the preparation of food, group task forces, harmonization (cleaning) of the external area, and other basic activities.

Each person can collaborate with voluntary and spontaneous donations. It is possible to make your donation in person, in boxes located in specific areas or directly to the coordinators, as well as remotely through the website clicking this link.

The costs to arrive at the Community are born by each employee.

To stay in a Light-Community, you are asked to bring bed linen and bath clothes. It is also recommended that the following items be taken:

  • Winter clothes (hat, sweater, socks)
  • Trail and work shoes (preferably closed)
  • Rain boot
  • Raincoat
  • Rubber glove for cleaning
  • Protective glove
  • Cap
  • Solar Filter
  • Flashlight
  • Water bottle for personal use
  • Backpack or side bag
  • Padlock
  • Masks for individual use (during the pandemic)

In addition, each mission has its peculiarity, which is informed both by the Humanitarian Secretariat and by the Coordination of the Mission in question.

Attention: at this stage of the pandemic, the Light Communities are not open due to quarantine, and Humanitarian Training is inactive for the same reason.

A humanitarian staff should be ready to meet any demand that arises within a mission and is within reach of his or her possibilities. So the garment should be comfortable, light, allowing movement and neutral. The use of shorts, Bermuda shorts and dresses is not allowed.

All employees wear the official humanitarian staff uniforms, which must be returned at the end of the cycle of activities. Clothing/uniform is also an individual protective equipment.

To participate in a mission on behalf of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) it is necessary participate in the Humanitarian Bootcamp Capacity Building, training and possible preparatory activities.

Integration and learning time vary according to each person.

To wear the uniform of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) in a mission, the humanitarian staff must gradually manifest the principles that are shared in the Humanitarian training.

When a humanitarian staff is on a mission, it is understood that his or her priority is to be able to meet the demands and needs of the people and communities served by the Humanitarian Mission. His or her intervention should be the manifestation of the principles and attitudes of the institution – such as readiness and alignment – since he/she will be representing it. The Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) also seeks to ensure “care for caregivers”, enabling, whenever necessary, moments of openness and restoration. However, these moments are not understood as tourism.