HERMANOS – Brazil in the humanitarian response to the Venezuelan crisis

A story built by multiple voices: of those who welcome and of those who are welcomed.

HERMANOS is a plural narrative, built through the accounts of migrants, refugees and different members of the Operation Welcome, a great humanitarian task-force of support for thousands of Venezuelans in the state of Roraima and in the city of Manaus, Brazil.

Dynamic and engaging, the documentary HERMANOS – Brazil in the humanitarian response to the Venezuelan crisis was filmed in the period of January and February of 2020 by the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), and offers the public an in-depth look at this present-day reality, still little known by a great part of the Brazilian society.

The Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) was the first organization to arrive in the region in 2016 for an emergency mission, which, in face of the continuous demand, became a permanent mission.

The voices of those who live this reality

According to data from UN agencies, more than 5 million men, women and children have left Venezuela since 2015, generating one of the largest displacement crisis in the world. Brazil is the fifth most popular destination sought by them.

Beyond the numbers are people with stories of overcoming and hope, such as Miladys del Carmen, who left her family, friends and everything else that was part of her world, travelling on foot all the way to Brazil. Under the protection of the shelter where she was welcomed, and receiving all the necessary care, she is grateful for the support she has to rebuild her life and that of her family members, but she still dreams of the re-establishment of her country, so that someday she can return to her homeland.

The voices that comprise this documentary intertwine: army officers, volunteers, humanitarian agents, fathers, mothers and youths, making up a great mosaic of people who dream of a better future, more supportive and inclusive, where there are fewer borders that divide and more bridges that unite.

Since the beginning of the Operation Welcome in 2018, more than 50 thousand Venezuelan people have been interiorized into more than 600 cities in all 26 Brazilian states. It is an unprecedented humanitarian response, as Áurea Cruz, of the NGO Mexendo a Panela, described. “It is an example for the world,” the fact that different civil, governmental, religious organizations and international agencies can join efforts for the common good, and, together, seek solutions to welcome the Venezuelan brothers and sisters, the “Hermanos.” Together we are stronger!

*Hermanos: Brothers and Sisters

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