Life Cycle – Mandala Workshop in the Indigenous shelter in Roraima

In the Indigenous shelter of Pintolandia, in Boa Vista, the group of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation FIHF carried out a Mandala Workshop with the adolescents during two days at the end of August of this year.

This work began ten days before, when different forms, symmetries and colors were presented to them, through videos and images of mandalas, observing the body, the cells, the beauty and perfection of nature that is so present in all of us.

The idea was to bring and stimulate an experience with positive sensations, with creativity and feelings connected with beauty, so that they might identify with the result.

During this subtle and deep work, they developed at the same time attention to colors and organized and symmetrical forms, feeling and taking these aspects into their inner worlds in moments of rhythm, peace, concentration and contemplation.

When they shared the result, the details of the finishing and precision, the harmony was reflected in the expressions and speeches of each one.

“It was very special for all, because they could really perceive this capacity they have to create something so beautiful and colorful, and that this colorful living beauty is within each one of them”, says the sister Maria de Lourdes, consecrated missionary of Fraternidade International FIHF, who accompanied the development of the workshop.

Upon presenting his mandala, one youth of the shelter comments that “a mandala symbolizes the life cycle, because everything that has a beginning also has an end”, words that express hope and strength to proceed.

The Indigenous shelter of Pintolandia is one of the 5 shelters that the Fraternidade International FIHF coordinates in the Roraima Mission, which has been offering  support to the Venezuelan Indigenous refugees since 2016.

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