Light-Network of North of Argentina carries out 13rd Chaco Mission

Today the 13th Chaco Mission began, in the city of Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina. The missionary activities are expected to take place until February 25 in this city.

13ª Missão Chaco

This is a Recurrent Mission, which has been taking place every three months since 2016, and which offers various activities for the different communities of the original peoples of the Qon ethnic group.

Undertaken by the members of the Light-Network of Argentina and of Brazil, it is led by Marcos Renaudo, a missionary and the coordinator of the Light-Network of the North of Argentina.

Among the works offered are: recreational and artistic activities for children, educational sanitation assistance in dentistry and hygiene; cares for animals-from deworming to nutrition and vaccines; donation of educational material, food and footwear; communitarian lunch, among others.

13ª Missão Chaco

Besides all this, after the daily activities, the group will have some time reserved for participating in two modules of the training course of missionaries, coordinated by Ricardo Baumgartner, a Brazilian core-missionary who since October 2019 has been offering this training within the Chaco Mission.

Seeking the strengthening of the bond of the Fraternidade-International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) with all these communities, the participants always devote themselves to increasing contact with people and help them each time more in whatever is needed.

In such missions, everyone grows, in love and fraternity. This is the main objective.