The 8th Mission of the Northeast of Brazil brought love to needy neighborhoods of localities of Alagoas

Renewed by the participation of members of the Missionary Youth for Peace, the 8th Regional Mission of the Northeast of Brazil brought a little love and unity to suffering families of the hinterlands (Sertão[i]) of the State of Alagoas, stricken by drought and poverty. The assistance also included the Animal Kingdom.

The humanitarian task developed from October 11 to 15, 2018, in three towns near the place where the missionary group has its base of operations, Palmeira dos Indios (140 km west of Maceio, the state capital).

Consciousness of water

20 collaborators of the Network-of-Light of North Northeast of Brazil, coming from the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Paraia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe contributed for the task. The group included, for the first time, four members of the Missionary Youth for Peace. “The youths offered dynamics, joy and a feeling of renewal to all”, commented Celina Santos, one of the coordinators of the Network-of-Light of North Northeast of Brazil.

A volunteer helps a child to try a pair of shoes

She explained that, given the adverse conditions that characterize the region, the participants sought to keep connected with the consciousness of water, invoking forgiveness, so that the difficulties concerning this vital element might be transcended.

In this opportunity, the group carried out 177 health services, distributed 180 herbal remedies prepared by the Network-of-Light group of Aracaju (capital of the state of Sergipe) and 100 packages of multi-ingredient flour.

They also paid home visits for the attention of sick people and to bring guidance concerning cares that animals need to receive.

There were also activities with kids and youths, deworming of dogs and cats, and donation of clothes for babies, children and adults.

Energy of renewal

Tree of Peace of Monteiropolis

Members of the Missionary Youth for Peace concentrated on special activities with youths and kids. With the former, they carried out an artisan workshop, which 31 youths joined.

With the kids – 143 altogether – they conducted playful activities such as painting, children’s songs, tangram, various games and a wheel of dialog about the topic of Peace, with the objective of awakening the values of Peace, both in themselves and in humanity.

After the reflection, the group built the tree of Peace of the locality, with the intentions manifested on each leaf, by means of texts and drawings, for all the inahbitants and all those who arrive in that region.

“The Mission is a rich opportunity for all youths to be able to develop our potentials. It is the greatest experience of love”, shared Taise Rodrigues.

Four years of service in Alagoas

On the first day, the group transferred to Pariconha, a little locality (11,000 inhabitants) located 200 km from Palmeiras dos Indios. In this place, the group rendered service in two needy neighborhoods.

During the two following days, the humanitarian mission was carried out in Monteiropolis, a village of 8,000 inhabitants, located 120 from Palmeira dos Indios.

The Regional Mission of the Brazilian Northeast began in November 2014, with the participation of missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation. Later on the Network-of-Light of North Northeast of Brazil assumed the task, in cooperation with Caritas Brazil.

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¹ The Sertão is a semi-arid sub-region that comprises eight states of the Northeast of Brazil. It is the area with the smallest amount of rains in the whole country. The scarce precipitations concentrate, in general, between December and April, but there are years in which it does not rain.