Workshop Laboratory

The Workshop Laboratory, one of the components of the Joint Plan carried out in a partnership between the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) and the Inter-Institutional Network for Education in Emergency Situations (INEE), had the aim of preparing facilitators to work on topics such as the role of education in disaster prevention, risk management and actions in emergency situations, and was aimed at the affiliates of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).

From August to November 2023, 12 thematic workshops were held, attended by a total of 122 representatives of the affiliates: Light-Community of Figueira, Youth Campaign for Peace, Light-Community of Aurora, House of Light on the Hill and Tibetan Park School, as well as the network of collaborators of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Missions (FIHM).

Fátima Cavalcante, a humanitarian volunteer and coordinator of the project, says that “the Laboratory provided a space for joint construction, aimed at reviewing values for prevention, protection and a culture of peace, where educators explored poetry, stories, images and artistic expressions, seeking, through art education, to examine their experiences and live the proposed themes”.

“The methodology involved the participants in debates and expressive and playful activities throughout four thematic blocks, focusing on the common good, ethics and belonging, responsible participation and respect for diversity. The Lab’s practical and creative approach generated self-knowledge, self-confidence, empathy, resilience, the discovery of talents and the construction of a safe learning environment. It went beyond expectations, proving to be a space for personal and collective growth, surprising with its positive impact on the creativity and development of the participants,” she comments.

Blanca, a humanitarian volunteer and project collaborator, points out that the key themes addressed also sought to meet the educational demands that have arisen post-pandemic, favoring dialogue and empathetic listening. “The Joint Plan seeks to alleviate suffering and address trauma through emergency pedagogy.”

Education is a place for self-knowledge

Starting from education for values, the workshops worked on key themes such as disaster risk reduction, minimum requirements in education and safe schools. The face-to-face modules included the protection of children and adolescents, school safety and environmental protection.

The workshop “Self-knowledge as a path to guiding others” had a great impact among the participants, as it helped educators to become aware of their own growth and self-transformation as a means of broadening horizons in their educational practice and being a factor of change and inspiration for others.

Álvaro, a young resident of the Light-Community of Figueira, points out that the round table discussion on self-knowledge enabled him and the other participants to express their feelings and reflect on past experiences. He points out that the fraternal atmosphere of the workshops and the exchange of knowledge enabled personal growth. “Taking part in this space was a significant achievement, allowing me to express my essence.” 

Blanca emphasizes that the lessons learned highlight the value of self-knowledge, respect for life, non-violent communication, peaceful coexistence and environmental awareness. The experiential process promoted the recovery of human values, recognizing the uniqueness of each participant, resulting in mutual growth. “It was a very enriching learning journey, one that we will treasure in our hearts and which has the potential to radiate values in the midst of the fundamental crisis of values we are facing,” she concludes.