Helping each other help

The importance of partnerships in the humanitarian response and the Project “Come, You Can!” of Visão Mundial It’s not anything new in any of the fields of human knowledge that different

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Tempo de Servir – Amanda

Time to Serve – Amanda

“Service became a form of expression of my soul,” with this phrase, Amanda summarizes the feeling that activates her to follow her heart and serve others. In 2018,

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Humanitarian Training for Servers in Europe

During August and September, forty-six people, representing eight countries, participated in the training of the basic curriculum for humanitarian servers, offered by the Training and Development Subcommittee of the Fraternity –

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Dia da Não Violência

Day of Non-violence

The political and spiritual leader, Mahatma Gandhi, showed in practice that it’s possible to build a more just society through non-violent means. In honor of this figure, the United

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International Day of Peace

Promoting a culture of peace, the foundations of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) are respect and unconditional love for all beings. Celebrated today, September 21, the International Day of

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Dia Internacional da Caridade - Missão Roraima Humanitária

International Day of Charity

The International Day of Charity, which is being celebrated today, the 5th of September, invites us to a practice: “prepare our heart to serve a fellow being.” This

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I Encontro de Intercâmbio de Saberes

1st Knowledge Exchange Meeting

More than 150 people, including children, young people and adults participated in the 1st Knowledge Exchange Meeting at the Janokoida Shelter in Pacaraima, Roraima, held by the Fraternity – International Humanitarian

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