Explores of New Cultural Territories

Venezuelan indigenous refugees participate in vocational courses promoted by the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) In the social organization of indigenous peoples, in their original context, there is a particular

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Jornada de Saúde no abrigo indígena em Pintolândia

Comprehensive Health Sessions

In an integrated initiative of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF),  humanitarian agencies: UNFPA, PAHO, ADRA, Doctors without Borders, Pirilampos Institute, and the Brazilian Army, about 500 refugees of the Indigenous Warao and E’ñepa

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Esportes nos abrigos indígenas

Sports and Life

Recognized as a human right, sports encourages integrative, creative, and humanizing practices, playing a fundamental role in the shelters of Roraima, under the management of the Fraternity – International

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Arte Educação

Art-Education Title: Reframing Tool

Fátima Cavalcante, volunteer missionary of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), spoke about Art-Education in the shelters under the management of the institution, in an interview with

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Dia Nacional da Pessoa com Deficiência Física

Transforming for the Common Good

Through this video, the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) shows the importance of fostering inclusion and of guaranteeing a quality of life, dignity, and the well-being of people

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Colheita Buriti

Harvest of the Buriti

The sun and nature comprise the scenario of this video showing the harvest organized by the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), for the sheltered people  of Pintolândia in the Roraima Mission.

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