Acordo de Cooperação

Cooperation Agreement

On October 13, the Fraternity – International HumanitarianFederation (FIHF) signed a cooperation agreement with the Roraima IndigenousImmigrants Association (AMIR). The agreement establishes that the two organizations will act jointly in

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Food Security Project

Members of the Fraternity – International HumanitarianMissions (FIHM), since May of this year, are developing the Food and Food Security Project within the Portugal Humanitarian Mission. This pilot project serves

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Produção de panelas de barro

Modelling New Pathways – Part 2

This video describes the Macuxi techniques for producing clay vessels, and they were passed on to indigenous people from different tribes, with different cultures and traditions during the

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Curso de Gastronomia para Eventos

Cuisine course for events

The Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation(FIHF), associate of Senai and World Vision, organized a professional training course happening from August 8 to September 10, for making sweet and savoury

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curso de Corte de Cabelo

CCFI offers Haircutting Course

The Haircutting Course was held between August 18 to September 9, 2022, with in person classes occurring during the afternoon. Sponsored by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF),

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Curso de Serviços Gerais

General Services Course

A group of 17 indigenous people of the Warao, Taurepang and Wayu tribes participated in the General Services Course, which was done at the Indigenous Cultural and Training Centre

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Oficina de Panelas Barro

Clay Cookware Workshop

The pieces are handcrafted and passed down through generations Offered by the Indigenous Cultural and Training Centre(CCFI), coordinated by the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation(FIHF), the Vovó Barro (Granny Clay)

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Higiene para uma vida saudável

Hygiene for a healthy life

Children and young people assisted by the Angola Humanitarian Mission learn about the importance of personal hygiene. Humanitarian aid volunteers of the Fraternity –International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) sponsored a training

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Aprender a Viver Juntos – Educação Ética para Crianças

Ethics Education Training for Children

Between humanitarian aid volunteers and collaborators of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM), 34 people participated in the training on Learn to Live Together – Ethics Education for Children,

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