Indigenous People’s Remembrance Day

Indigenous People’s Day was held on April 19, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Secretariat of the Indigenous of the State of Roraima. This office was in charge of organizing the event attended by several groups that work with indigenous people.

It was attended by representatives of Brazilian indigenous peoples from the Yekuana, Ingaricó, Macuxi, Wapichana, Taurepang, and Yanomami ethnic groups and Venezuelan representatives from E’ñepa and Pemon groups attended the event. Its objective was the integration of native peoples from both brotherly countries.

The participating indigenous associations were: OMIR (Organization of Indigenous Women of Roraima), KAPOI (Indigenous Cultural Association of State of Roraima), Parixara Handicrafts and Dances, ODIC (City’s Indigenous Organization), and AMIR (Association of Indigenous Migrants of Roraima), which was responsible for the musical performance.

The program included dances, exhibition and the sale of handicrafts by the Parixara association, round table discussions, and lectures. There were stories of the collaborators from the Fraternity International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) about the experience and the lessons learned.