Life Values – Customs

In the gestures, gazes and smiles of the women, you can see the joy of their being able to experience in daily life the Indigenous Venezuelan culture, keeping it alive, beating from head to toe, in the gracious and integrated dance, in the beautiful and rhythmic singing, in the artisanal work, in the joyful colors of the clothes, which reminds them of the homeland that was left behind.

Through the efforts of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), which since 2016 has been coordinating shelters in Roraima, these women can continue to ensure that their children and grandchildren will not forget their origin. They can preserve unity, enliven their creativity, ease their homesickness, and, in this way, they sing, dance, and work, and are grateful for being in a shelter that allows them to continue, with love and dedication, to express their culture, cultivating their values, preserving their roots.

“This is how we are, when we sing with love and with caring, we are very happy not to lose our culture,” says Teolinda, an Indigenous Venezuelan refugee.

Frater Play

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