The Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) participated in the 3rd IntegraArte Fair in Roraima

The team of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) supported the participation of entrepreneurs who are part of the projects offered by the Indigenous Cultural and Training Center (ICTC) on the third occasion of the IntegraArte Fair, which took place on July 2 at the Roraima Garden Shopping, in Boa Vista – RR.

Around 40 entrepreneurs, both indigenous and non-indigenous, refugees, immigrants and Brazilians, had the chance for exhibiting handicrafts, cosmetics, floriculture products and other entrepreneurship segments throughout the day.

The IntegraArte Fair was organized by the Work Group of Operation Welcome, made up of diverse organizations such as the UN Agencies for Migrations (OIM) and for Refugees, UNHCR, Global Vision, AVSI, among others, with the aim of encouraging a socioeconomic integration and convergence between the host community and the Venezuelan refugee and immigrant population.

The event, with free admission, plays a very important role, not only in cultural development, but also in the economic development of its participants. “This Fair represents an opportunity for exchanging knowledge among the different indigenous ethnicities present, besides making it possible for the public to purchase traditional products from the hands of those who produce them – and to talk with these people, hear their stories,” says Nuris María Suarez de Villarroel, the leader of the project Tida Warao – ‘Women who take care and care for nature’-, which produces ecological absorbents.

Boris Puerto Lopez, a humanitarian worker of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF), also emphasized that participation in the Fair contributes to making it possible for entrepreneurs, besides being able to exhibit their products, to also look for new customers, generate income and open ways to autonomy.

The tribes supported by the ICTC that were present at the event were: the Venezuelans, Warao and Taurepang, and the Brazilians, Wai Wai and Wapixana.